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As you can see that little girl on the left is not afraid of using her imagination. Well, that little girl is me. Superhero cape and all. Born and raised in New York (although I had a high school stint in Florida)I was never afraid to use my imagination. Creativity was in my blood. If I wanted to wear a kitty sweater, superhero cape, and gardening hat while holding a cookie monster stuffed animal... I was gonna do it. No one can stop me. And no one can stop me today. I now use that creativity in performing. I grew up dancing. I spent my summers traveling to dance intensives (Alonzo King Lines, Orlando Ballet)and adding voice lessons later on. Then I added acting lessons while graduating from the Hartt School. Now I continue to "save the world" by spreading my work and love of performing with others. Check out my site and see how I use my "super powers."     

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